Diving into the Voice

Like the body, the voice can be explored in ways that can better support your health; mind, body, and emotions. And like movement practices like yoga that strengthen, expand, ground and center you, you can do the same for your voice. Your voice contains a universe full of information; from the physical to the subtle. What if you could tap into these many qualities of sound and discover new parts of yourself through your voice? These one-on-one sessions will teach you to use and embody your voice in ways that will connect you more deeply with yourself, your relationships, and the world around you. These sessions are tailored to allow you to explore the power, authenticity, emotion, beauty, flexibility and healing qualities in your voice. Pulling from both singing and speaking exercises, sounding, toning, chanting, and improvising, you will discover new ways of being in relationship with your voice; in health and in creativity!

60 minute sessions: $110

Sessions may be held at my studio or in the comfort of your home.