"What makes Jill a great vocal instructor, beyond her deep technical knowledge and ability, is her presence in the moment of each lesson. From start to finish, her attention is completely with me, and based on what she hears and sees, she dials in the right adjustments to unleash a clear, confident tone. The result is a perfectly individually tailored lesson each and every week, which has given me the tools to develop strength, clarity, and consistency."                         -Will L.

"I started taking voice lessons with Jill about a year ago and am so grateful that I did. Jill has a gentle and attentive way of guiding me to find my own best voice. She has helped me to connect and trust my own body and process as a singer. Last fall I auditioned for Berklee College of Music and will be attending in September. The help I received from Jill in developing my vocal technique and identity was fundamental in my acceptance. The love and devotion she has for her students and vocal practice are clear. I look forward to my weekly lessons. It is a joy to work with Jill." -Lyzz Z

"A little under a year ago, I decided I wanted to take voice lessons. I had no prior musical experience, but had always enjoyed singing. In that time frame, I have worked with three vocal coaches, and Jill is by far the best. In under six months my voice has developed depth, resonance, and volume so much so that I can barely recognize my own singing from before I started working with Jill. The exercises I work on with Jill are truly challenging, but also fun. I look forward to meeting with her every week to see where we go next. I highly recommend Jill to anyone regardless of skill level or experience!" -Amy W.

"Jill is nothing short of extraordinary. Out of all the voice teachers I've worked with, she's the only one who has helped me experience authentic freedom in my voice. When I leave her studio, I don't just sound better; I feel better. Jill is everything you would want in a teacher: not just knowledgeable and hard-working, but also patient, compassionate, insightful, and encouraging. She has a remarkable intuitive knack for knowing exactly when and how to challenge you, and the results are always profound. If you want to experience freedom and joy when you sing, or if you feel shy about sharing your voice with the world, start with Jill. She will help you amaze yourself." -Rachel B.

"A warm and dedicated professional, Jill knew how to teach in a conscious fascinating way that felt tailored for me and  in an inner, lasting manner that I feel unlocked my natural voice and gave me the keys to keep exploring it in every aspect of my life. From all the teachers I have had, no one made an impact as significant as Jill in my technique, growth, and confidence. Learning from Jill was the highlight of my week."  -Aida R.