What I Offer

Singing Lessons: Private voice sessions are an opportunity for clients to experiment, learn, and grow toward healthy, successful singing. From first-time singers, to professional, I work to create a smart, inquisitive, comfortable and safe environment that encourages technically productive and creatively fulfilling music making. My approach to technique is based in comprehensive knowledge of anatomy (a singer’s instrument) and the way the body works. I use functional training to help singers uncover their most natural sound, regardless of style. Pop, rock, musical theatre, gospel, jazz, classical…

Vocal Coaching: I'll help you get ready for an upcoming audition, performance, upcoming tour or studio recording by helping you dig deeper into your songs and explore how your performance can be elevated through good artistic choices and vocal technique. 




         My teaching is based on Somatic Voicework™, The LoVetri Method.  It is a body-based method of vocal training which is based upon voice science and medicine, classical technique, and various bodywork approaches.  Healthy technique is the foundation for all styles of singing and allows for greater freedom and expression.  I work with the whole body in my lessons and often use yoga and movement exercises to help release tensions and bring greater awareness to how we sing.  I enjoy teaching all levels of singers and believe there is always more to discover.  I especially enjoy working with teenagers and adults.  Lessons are tailored to meet each individual’s needs and desires.  I teach my students solid technique so they can discover and connect with the artistry, meaning, and emotion in the songs they are learning and make it personal.