-You are a performer and want to keep growing and developing as a singer: extend your range/work out some problem areas, sing with greater ease.  

-You already sing(but only in the shower/car) and want to get comfortable singing in front of others and maybe perform in the future. And you want to take your voice to the next level with proper technique

-You never sing or have been told you can't, but have always had the desire.  It makes me sad when I hear stories of students telling me that a parent or teacher long ago told them to stop singing.  Singing out of tune or off-pitch may mean it takes a bit longer to work out, but it isn't a deal-breaker in developing a nice singing voice.

-If you understand how your voice functions and know what exercises help you, you will be able to better maintain a healthy voice throughout your life and performance career.   

-Singing is a mind/body process that engages your whole self.  Your body is the instrument.  

-Singing feels good.  It is a stress reliever and is a nice balance to a busy lifestyle.

-Simply put: Singing is FUN! 


What Age Range Do you teach?

I teach teenagers starting at 13 and adults. 




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