Singing is the one art form that seems to be 'magical', like either you got it or you don't. Unlike learning to dance, or learning musical instruments, pop culture tends to glorify the 'untrained singer' in TV music competitions all the time! While having a gift for musicality or a pleasing voice can be inherent and untrained, it is in training the singing voice that gives you longevity and allows you to have more choices and greater freedom in singing. 

In this workshop we will break down what's in the singing voice. Emphasis will be placed on registration, breath, and focused listening. As a group we will learn to hear what is happening to make certain sounds, identifing in ourselves and each other what makes our voices unique.

Ever wonder what “singing technique” really means? I believe that your body is set up to make a beautiful sound, and technique is learning how to let it do just that! Whether you’re an absolute beginner or someone who has been singing all of your life, you will walk away with a greater understanding of your voice, and you’ll have fun doing it. No need to prepare. Just show up!